Enjoy the world famous Carnival in Venice!

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Venice’s greatest tourist event is Venice Carnival 2010. Carnival, or Carnevale, has been celebrated for centuries throughout Italy. The name is said to derive from the words carne vale – ‘farewell to meat’ – which explain the function of the celebration: an opportunity to indulge and use up such treats before the start of Lent (like an extended Pancake Day). As always Venice Carnival 2010 was also a great one. Many tourists came here to see this famous Venice Carnival 2010. It is the single best festival to be hosted every year in Venice.

The Venice Carnival usually kicks off sometime in January or early February every year and lasts for ten days and nights. Venice Carnival 2010 took place somewhere between 6th February to 10th February. During the Venice carnival 2010, revellers dress up in fancy dress costumes and masks and celebrate with huge street parties. Although the Venice Carnival 2010 has historical roots and the Venetians still participate, the overwhelming majority of people who come to celebrate the Venice Carnival are foreign tourists.

During the Venice Carnival 2010, locals and tourists both throng the halls ad the roads in colorful historical costumes and masks. Many tourists while enjoying the Venice Carnival 2010 felt that, music fills the air and the world seems enchanted. Excellent weather during the Venice Carnival 2010 also helped. St Mark’s Square is usually the hub, but during the nearly 2 weeks of celebrations you’ll find people wearing masks all over the city during Venice Carnival 2010.

Venice Carnival 2010 : Free entertainment and public shows

Throughout the Venice Carnival 2010 period, there is plenty of entertainment to be had around St. Mark’s Square and the adjacent Piazzetta. A programme of events takes place in the Piazza during Venice Carnival 2010, which is open to everyone. The Grand opening of the Venice Carnival 2010 took place on the first sunday with an event called il volo dell’angelo (the flight of the angel). This adaptation of an old tradition involves an ‘angel’ swinging on harnesses from the bell tower into the Piazzetta San Marco.

One of the big events during Venice Carnival 2010, is the afternoon parade of costumes on a catwalk in St. Mark’s Square. If your costume is fabulous and you’re feeling confident, then you can join in. Venice Carnival 2010 attracted all ages of people from around the world. Participants from England, San Francisco , Brazil, France and Germany, all was part of the Venice Carnival 2010. The festival ends with a big celebration and fireworks above St. Mark’s.

Venice Carnival 2010 : Masked Balls and Special Events

There are a number of special events and balls held during the Venice Carnival 2010. Tickets are generally expensive and should be booked in advance, but if you’ve left it late, it’s still worth calling around. There are lots of events scheduled all around Venice, with a programme available online and from the tourist information offices.

Venice Carnival 2010 : Costumes and Masks

If you’ve always had a secret hankering to wear fancy dress, then the Venice Carnival 2010 is a perfect opportunity to indulge without attracting stares. Masks, cloaks and wigs are easily purchased at countless tourist shops and souvenir stalls. If you’re looking for something more elaborate or authentic, visit one of Venice’s papier-mache workshops where good-quality masks are handmade. Costumes can be hired at shops throughout the city, but they may be in short supply if you don’t book them promptly. As it has already passed so for now you can plan and take care of all these things for next year.


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