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Called ‘Brugge’ in its official language(Dutch) and located in the Flanders region in Northwest of Belgium(close to the North Sea), Bruges is the perfect stop for travellers on an European holiday. Being one of the well preserved historic cities in Europe, its charm is hard to resist. Possibility of canal tours through endearing medieval surroundings, has won it the title ‘Venice of the North’. Our 2-day travel guide to Bruges is designed to offer all the detailed information about the city and the best way to enjoy the best of the city’s offers. This travel guide to Bruges will help you enjoy a rewarding and interesting visit. Plan cheap weekend breaks with this travel guide to Bruges.

Basic facts about Bruges - travel guide Bruges

Before planning a trip to the city, it is very necessary to know some important facts about the city. Travel guide to Bruges, have shortlisted some of them-

History: Bruges was founded around the 9th century and was famed to be one of the wealthiest cities in Europe during the middle ages.12th to 15th century is known to be the golden period of this city. Most of important building, walls and canals were construced during this time. British tourists and those from France rediscovered it in the 19th century and since then it has been one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. The city center, which was added in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is definitly the best places to take a step back in time.
Travel guide to Bruges tip: Museums in Bruges stores a lot of information about the city’s rich history as well as culture and tradition.

Best Time To Visit: Usually, months between April to September, are considered to be high touristic season. The city is very busy specially during the Procession of the Holy Blood, held in May, as it is one of the oldest religious events in the world, attracting thousands of spectators. As a travel guide to Bruges, we believe in giving you the best taste of the city, so, our recommendation would be the late Spring season. In this season you will be able to enjoy a moderate weather. It is also less crowdy during this time. Visiting Bruges in December can be fun for those who love the winter chill. Christmas celebration along with snow all around creates a magic that is hard to miss. Travel guide to Bruges tip: Mondays sould be strickly avoided during 2-day visits as most of the sights remain closed.

How To Reach Bruges: To reach the city the easiest way is to take a flight that lands at Brussels National Airport, located at 8 miles from Brussels city center. It is the closest international airport to Bruges. Flights to Brussels are available from most of the airports in UK. Connecting trains to Bruges are available from all the main train stations in Brussels. Just and hour’s ride and you would reach the amazingly beautiful city. You can also reach the city in an hour by car or bus.

Finding A Good Accomodation: Being the travel guide to Bruges, we would like to mention that you will find a number of options for accomodation in the city. Hotels overlooking one of the most picturesque canals can be ideal for a romantic trip. Choosing an accomodation in the heart of the city will be helpfull in saving your time as most of the historic sites and shopping streets are located around this area. Travel guide to Bruges tip: Those planning a visit in the weekends should make reservations atleast a few weeks ahead.

Getting Around Bruges: Walking around the city is obviously the best way to enjoy the beauty of this perfectly preserved medieval city. To save time on a 2 day trip you can make use of the bicycle rental and car rental services available. Don’t mind taking a ride in the buses of the city. A canal boat ride or a ride on a horse carriage can be thrilling too. However, It is better to enjoy those rides during a longer vacation. Travel guide to Bruges tip: Cycling might not be very pleasant because of the cobbled streets.

Food and Drinks: In Bruges you might find the restaurants and eating joints bit expensive but it is worth a try. French and Flemish Cuisine is a must try. Almost all the restaurants in Bruges offers best quality wine and beer. To make it more special, try out one of the open-air restaurants and cafes overlooking the canals. Most of the restaurants in Bruges starts closing down by 9.30-10.00pm. However, it can extend upto 12.00 o’ clock on busy days. So, remember to arrive early. Travel guide to Bruges tip: Some restaurants worth trying- Restaurant De Karmeliet, Cafedraal, Jan Van Eyck, t’Begijntje and Opus Latino.

DAY 1 – Travel Guide To Bruges

• Bruges is one of those European cities, which has plenty of offers. Tourists often wonder which things they have missed out and which was a tourist trap. Travel guide to Bruges presents here a special plan to help you enjoy the best of the city in just 2 days. The first thing to be kept in mind before you arrive in the city is to arrive as early as possible. You should keep it in mind that most of the attractions in the city starts opening by 9-9.30am. So, it would be better if you could check in to your reserved hotel room and get some rest. Worried about your budget? Purchase a Bruges Card.

• Around 10.00am head towards the Grote Market, the largest square of the city and climb the Belfry. The Belfry was earlier used to store the city’s charter of rights. You would love the views of the city from here. You will get a chance to see the municipal carillon comprising of 48 bells and also find many rental shops around this area. Look out for the best prices.

• Next on the list is the Basilica of the Holy Blood, located in the Burg Square. It is famous for housing a relic of the Precious Blood, which is believed to be blood of Jesus. The architecture of this church is very attractive and gothic in style. If you manage to reach there early, you will be able to view the chapel without any hassel.

• It would be a very good idea to reach the Holy Saviour Cathedral around 11.30. Also known as the ‘City Museum of Fine Arts’, offers amazing collection of art works starting from 14th to 20th century. On visiting this great attraction of Bruges you will get a lot of information about the painters who lived and worked in Bruges.

• Time to refresh yourself! Head out for a cafe or restaurant nearby. A few minutes walk near Begijnhof (Beguinage) a quite square, near the buildings where members of sisterhood created in the 13th century live and worship would be a refreshing experience. Travel guide to Bruges would like to lead you to the nearby ‘Lake of Love’, as it would give you some relaxing moments and help you recharge yourself for the rest of the day.

• Without taking a trip to the Church of Our Lady, a visit to Bruges won’t be complete. It is one of the most attractive Gothic landmark built in the middle ages. Try to reach the site around 2.30pm and marvel at the famous work ‘Madonna’ by Michealangelo along with other attractive artworks. Avoiding the Holy Saviour Cathedral or St. Salvator’s Cathedral located closeby would aslo be out of question as it houses many important works of art like the original 16th century podium.

Gruuthuse Museum can be next on the list, which is located very near to the amazing Churches. The collection in this museum consists of antiques such as Baroque memorial of the English king Charles II from 1659, furniture, silver ware, metal ware, ceramics etc. The 17th century wall tapestries made in Bruges can be found here too.

• Travel guide to Bruges suggests that you should manage to free yourself from sightseeing before 5.30-6.00pm, to try out a boat trip on the picturesque canals. The trip which lasts half an hour will help you relax as well as help you enjoy the sights of the city from a different perspective.

• The idea of the travel guide to Bruges is to save some of your energy for the next day. So, treat yourself to some of the tasty meals available in any of the cozy eateries suiting your taste and budget and head for your hotel room.

DAY 2 – Travel Guide To Bruges

For the second of your visit, the suggestion of the travel guide to Bruges would be to start around 8.30-9.00am.

• Without doubt, the first visit that travel guide to Bruges plans is to Bruges Stadhuis, the oldest town hall in the whole of Belgium. Located on the Brug Sqaure, the Gothic stone exetior of the Town Hall makes it very unique and attractive. The first floor, which is the Gothic Hall is open for public. You can also spend some time in the adjacent exhibition room.

Jerusalem Church is located in a quite area of the city. It is famous for it octagonal structure that includes a fine black tournai marble tomb and late Gothic stained glasses. It also includes a tiny chapel containing an effigy of the dead Christ. Visiting this Church will also give you access to the the Lace Museum in the former Adornes mansion.

• Who would not like to visit one of the five diamond museums on the world? You will find the Diamant Museum in Bruges on the corner of Katelijnestraat. Day starts at the museum around 10.30am. So, there is no need to hurry. Most striking attraction here is the beautiful replica of Margereth of York’s crown.

• Beer lovers will surely love a visit to Brewery De Halve Maan, Bruges’ oldest and the only surviving brewery. Others can make way to the Museum of Folklore, located in Balstraat. In 17th Century, the Museum of Folklore belonged to the Bruges cobblers’ corporation. Today it contains a large collection of pipes, old costumes etc.

• After so much of sightseeing, travel guide to Bruges would like to help you enjoy some relaxing moments in a beautiful green park. King Albert Park can be a nice option. A walk through this park is a nice way of taking in the historic city center rise up from the horizon. Sit near the monument of King Albert in the middle of the terrain and enjoy the beautiful views.

• If modern architecture attracts you, you can take a look at the big Concert Hall, which was opened in 2002, when Bruges was the European Cultural Capital.

Belgian Chocolate is famous all over the world. Travel guide to Bruges’ hotspot therefore is the Choco-Story Museum is a must see even if you are not a chocolate enthusiast. Remember to reach there before 5.00pm. You will find a detailed description of how chocoa is turned into mouthwatering chocolate. After this one would surely like to take back home some of the most delicious chocolates. Evening can be the best time to explore some of the chocolate shops. One of the most standard chocolate shops in Bruges is Chocolatier Van Oost located on Wollestraat. For tourists interested in shopping, the local supermarket has plenty other things to offer for example you can take a look at the Lace works but be carefull to see if what you are buying is original.

• To end your second in the beautiful city, travel guide to Bruges would like to advice you to feast on some Belgian special cuisine, followed by some standard wine or beer in one of the charming bars. For food you can choose t’ Gulden Flies, a small romantic restaurant located on the east of the Burg. It offers delicious food that too in reasonable prices. Great places to enjoy a nice drink include Vlissinghe tavern, The Druid’s Cellar, De Garre etc.


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