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Prague, the jewel in the crown of European cities, is an enchanting city of Czech Republic and a great choice for history lovers as the city is steeped in history and boasts some of Europe’s most beautiful sights. This capital and biggest city of Czech Republic, is situated in central Bohemia and one of the most beautiful of European cities and ideal destinations for short or weekend breaks as the city has many things to do and see with close proximity. Tourist enjoying short breaks in Prague will be blissful with its medieval cobblestone streets, Gothic churches, beautiful bridges and gorgeous squares. Prague is also renowned for its many famous spires, historical and cultural value. It is also a wonderful city to walk around, easily explored on foot as there are many little side street and attractions throughout the city to explore during your short breaks in Prague.

During your short breaks in Prague you will also find that it is one of the most colorful and energetic cities in Europe where visitors can choose from the imposing castle overlooking the river to the Charles Bridge which is the most beautiful bridge ever built. It’s mix of thrilling history and resplendent architecture also make it a good choice to spend short breaks in Prague. Besides its history short breaks in Prague also offers modern art galleries and museums, fashionable shops, traditional cafes, tempting dining, world-class concerts, opera and ballet, vivacious nightlife and world famous beer. For accommodation you can choose from many hotels in Prague on BookYourHotel.org, those are scarred across the city, with many situated close to the must see attractions in Prague.

Sightseeing in Prague - short breaks in Prague

Prague Castle - short breaks in Prague

Prague Castle is the largest remaining ancient castle in the world. It is the size of a small town which includes churches, galleries, gardens and state apartments. Prague Castle also dominates the capitals skyline and is a most impressive structure within the capital and is home to a plethora of tourist attractions. From most part of the city you can view this spectacular castle. It is definitely a must see attraction whilst on a short breaks in Prague.

Charles Bridge - short breaks in Prague

Charles Bridge is a must see attraction during short breaks in Prague because it always bustles with tourists and tradesmen as it spans the Vltave River. This most famous bridge is Prague was built between 1357 and 1402, was the only bridge in Prague up to 19th century. The Gothic style bridge is 516m long, 9.5 wide and hard to miss during short breaks in Prague.

St. Vitus Cathedral - short breaks in Prague

During your short breaks in Prague, must visit the St. Vitus Cathedral, which dominates the city skyline and can be visible from far. This spiritual symbol of the city is the largest and most important cathedral in Prague containing numerous side chapels, frescoes, tombstones. It is situated within the Castle complex also contains the tomb of St. Wenceslas.

Museums in Prague - short breaks in Prague

Mucha Museum - short breaks in Prague

While enjoying short breaks in Prague you find that there are many interesting museums and galleries to view and Mucha museum is one of the best museums in Prague which is housed in Baroque Kaunicky Palace and dedicated to life and work of the Alphonse Mucha which is the world famous Czech art Nouveau artist. Museums exhibitions can be seen into its seven separate sections which include Decorative Panels, The Parisian Posters, The Czech Posters, Documents Decoratifs, Paintings, Drawings, Pastels and Artist’s Personal Belongings.

City Museum of Prague - short breaks in Prague

To make your short breaks in Prague memorable you should also visit the City Museum of Prague which focuses on the history of Prague from the 9th century to today. It was constructed in 19th century and Antonin Langweil’s 20 sq. ft. paper and wood model of the city is the main attraction of the museum.

National Museum in Prague - short breaks in Prague

National museum in Prague is another must see museum during your short breaks in Prague. Here you can visit an extensive collection of prehistoric artifacts from Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia, as well as exhibits on mineralogy, paleontology, zoology, and anthropology. This oldest and largest museum in Prague is housed in an classically decorated building at the top of Wenceslas Square and behind the statue of St. Wenceslas on his horse.

Shopping in Prague - short breaks in Prague

While enjoying short breaks in Prague, shopping is also a pursuit not to be missed because it is one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe which is renowned for its shopping also. Wenceslas Square, Narodni and Na prikope are some Prague’s busiest shopping streets, those are full of chic boutiques, craft stores, designer shops and high street fashion stores. Metropole Zlicin is a large fashion and entertainment centre with has every kind of service.

Some good hotels in Prague - short breaks in Prague

Hotel William - short breaks in Prague

Short breaks in Prague can’t be enjoy without good accommodation, for this Prague offers from simple accommodation through to luxurious spa hotels and international chains those suit everyone’s taste and pocket. Like Hotel William is a romantic hotel which offers maximum comfort in the spacious rooms and excellent services, which is suitable for romantic holidays in Prague because… Read more

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Hotel Elite - short breaks in Prague

For enjoy short breaks in Prague, Hotel Elite is also a good option, as it is situated in a quiet place and in the heart of Prague’s new town and some popular attractions such as Wenceslas, Old Town Squares and the Charles Bridge. This fully renovated hotel has long and rich history dating to the second half of the 14th century and disposes 79 well decorated rooms with all modern facilities… Read more

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