Enjoy a super romantic getaway in Ghent, Belgium!

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Every February countless boyfriends search anxiously for some divine inspiration to whisk a loved one off on a romantic getaway in Ghent. Romantic getaway in Ghent can be a good option to spend time with lover. In times past Europe’s second biggest city is also famous among the couples to enjoy their romantic getaway in Ghent. Its a vibrant city mixed with culture and refinement…Romantic getaway in Ghent attracts many couples every year. Tranquility of this city attracts many couples to spend their romantic getaway in Ghent. Standing at the confluence of the Leie & Scheldt rivers, Ghent has grown around several open spaces and historic buildings – strictly speaking the Korenmarket is at the heart of the city and to get your bearings and soak up the sights….

Magical Place - Romantic getaway in Ghent

Ghent for many is the hidden gem in Belgium’s crown. Before planning for a romantic getaway in Ghent, look out for all the romantic spots in the city. To spend a romantic getaway in Ghent, it’ll never disappoint you. There are heaps of romantic sights, what all couples enjoy on their romantic getaway in Ghent. It is a rare city, a magical place that is able to preserve both its proud medieval treasures and keep up with modern times. Couples spend their romantic getaway in Ghent by strolling along the streets…On your romantic getaway in Ghent, Surprise your lover by giving different types of flowers as it is also seventh heaven for flower lovers as its room here that local growers sell their beautiful begonias and azaleas all over the world.

Romantic Strolls in Ghent - Romantic getaway in Ghent

Stroll with the lover on a romantic getaway in Ghent, could be very romantic. Take a stroll through Ghent’s history with its backdrop of tiny houses overhanging the River Lys with their intricately carved stonework or climb 90 meters to the belfry of the Cloth Hall and see the whole of the city in one go. Hands in hands and imagine you are on the best sight in Ghent with your lover..You can always increase the intensity of your love by enjoying a romantic getaway in Ghent.

Feel the passion in the city - Romantic getaway in Ghent

Ghent is a medieval city and it is also charming, it is one of the best place in Europe for couples to enjoy romantic getaway in Ghent. Many couples plan for their romantic getaway in Ghent every year. The city of Ghent offers a beautifully preserved environment of medieval buildings, churches, monuments and museums. A romantic getaway in Ghent can also be enjoyed in the colorful parks, near the stylish waterfront cafes and open air markets. Ghent boasts some lovely ornate guest houses and hotels full of character that offer affordable elegance. Enjoy the best of things on romantic getaway in Ghent with your lover.

Best place for art lovers - Romantic getaway in Ghent

Couples while enjoying their romantic getaway in Ghent might like the range of variety and museums, monuments and places of worship. Some of the couples also like to visit the museums and monuments. Romantic getaway in Ghent can be enjoyed in many different ways. Romantic stay in a romantic hotel is also one of the best option for lovers to spend their romantic getaway in Ghent.

Excellent shopping - Romantic getaway in Ghent

Romantic getaway in Ghent also gives the best shopping offers. Most of the Couples spend their time in shopping. Heart of the city offers many good options to shop. The traffic free central streets of Ghent make for a pleasurable day window shopping or simply relaxing in one of the many pavement cafes and the city has a good range of shops, boutiques, craft workshops and department stores for those all important souvenirs. Open air markets add colour and vibrancy to the area and many small second hand and art shops offer rewarding browsing. Enjoy romantic getaway in Ghent and do some shopping and give something really precious.

Lively entertainment - Romantic getaway in Ghent

There is something else in the city what you can enjoy on your romantic getaway in Ghent. A Ghent city break will see lively evenings with plenty of bars and cafes offering live music and cold Belgian beers. Intimate and romantic dining can be enjoyed in a multitude of traditional restaurants and makes for a perfect end to a day. On your romantic getaway in Ghent you can also go for a cosy candlelit dinner with your lover.


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