Enjoy a wonderful trip to romantic city of Budapest!

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Romantic Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, packed with elegant architecture, magnificent monuments and dominated by the legendary River Danube. The main charm of the romantic Budapest, is the contrast between Buda and Pest. Romantic Budapest focuses on the cobbled streets and beautifully restored medieval buildings in Buda and the magnificient Castle District with its museums and fine views of the Danube. Romantic Budapest offers best things for couples. A stroll along the riverbanks is a perfect way to soak up the melancholic atmosphere in romantic Budapest.

Enjoy more time with your lover in romantic Budapest, and enjoy more time to explore the graceful boulevards of Pest and its curious mixture of architectural styles. If you are in romantic Budapest for short period, you can enjoy the city’s unique charm. All in all romantic Budapest has lot more to offer. Romantic Budapest offers something different for every age group. Romantic Budapest is one of the elegant cities in Europe.

Romance and charm - Romantic weekend in Budapest

Romantic Budapest are particularly rewarding for those who like to walk. The enchanting colourful houses and narrow cobbled streets and squares of Buda contrast wonderfully with the grand sophisticated avenues of Pest. Romantic Budapest, is dotted with magnificient sights like the Chain Bridge, The Royal Palace, St. Mathias Church and the Jewish Synagogue. Highlights of holiday in romantic Budapest are fantastic viewpoints like Gellert Hill and the magnificent Fisherman’s Bastion castle ramparts. Romantic Budapest enjoys an especially romantic atmosphere at night when the Danube and the surrounding bridges and historic buildings are beautifully lit. Romantic Budapest gives you chance to enjoy that lost charm in your love, rejuvenate it.

Evocative history all around - Romantic weekend in Budapest

The twin cities of Buda and Pest make up a magical collection of enchanting palaces and churches, atmospheric winding streets and a fabulous castle. It makes staying in Romantic Budapest, a delightful experience for art and history lovers with numerous iconic sights and many hidden architectural gems to discover. In romantic Budapest, see the splendid Gothic parliament building and the charming basilica of St. Stephen . Hands in hands in the mesmerising environment of Romantic Budapest, enjoy the promenade along the heart of the romantic Budapest. Then soak up its immensely enjoyable cafe culture in the myriad of traditional cafes that litter the narrow streets of the historic centre. Romantic Budapest is packet full of surprises for lovers. Take time to breathe in its vibrant lifestyle full of eccentric contrasts of old and new. Plan of enjoying quality time with lover in Romantic Budapest can be fulfilled by strolling along the streets which are the best romantic sights in romantic Budapest.

High Culture and Hot Baths - Romantic weekend in Budapest

Romantic Budapest is friendly, unpretentious, atmospheric city is packed with Hungarian character and charm and offers an appealing mix of old and new: fashionable boutiques and traditional markets, old-fashioned pubs and trendy nightclubs, Magyar restaurants and opulent casinos. Romantic Budapest is very appealing to the lovers, every sight , every street in romantic Budapest is the evidence of city’s Gothic architecture. When you are in romantic Budapest, lovers should not miss out the famous spa baths and the opulent Art Deco and Art Nouveau hotels attached. Holiday in Romantic Budapest offers world – renowned classical concerts and opera along with popular spring and autumn cultural festivals, summer rock and classical festivals and a thriving nightlife scene. Enjoy the exotic bath in Romantic Budapest with your lover.

Wine and Dine in Romantic Budapest - Romantic weekend in Budapest

If romantic Budapest is the Paris of the east, then you must try some authentic French style cuisine. Enjoy wine and dine in romantic Budapest with lover, go for a cosy candlelit dinner in Rivalda in the castle area. Romantic Budapest is best for couples as it is one of the most romantic and sexy cities in Europe. For romantic dinner in romantic Budapest most of the couples head towards Spoon cafe and Lounge. Rekindle your love in Romantic Budapest.

Cruise the majestic Danube - Romantic weekend in Budapest

The most important pursuit during holiday in romantic Budapest is undeniably to sample the soothing, healing spa waters the city is famous for. No romantic Budapest holiday should miss a magical cruise along the famous River Danube either. It offers an enchanting, romantic view of a beautiful city by day or night where you can really breathe in its sense of history and its colourful heritage and culture. Take the ride with your lover and enjoy the romantic weather in romantic Budapest and also do some french kissing and give heights to your love. Ignite the passion of your love in Romantic Budapest.


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