Enjoy a wonderful city break in Istanbul, Turkey!

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Istanbul, an ideal destination to enjoy city breaks and for those who are keen interested in the Islamic culture. It is a spectacular and capital city of Turkey, located on the Bosphorus Stait and spanning the two continents of Europe and Asia. It is a stunningly beautiful city which also has long ranked as one of the most significant cities on earth and every year, it attract thousands of tourist to enjoy Istanbul city break because of its eminent sights, tremendous architecture, grand palaces, museums and art galleries, churches, marvelous bazaars, vibrant nightlife and a most magical atmosphere.

FAMOUS SIGHTS IN ISTANBUL – City break to Istanbul
MUSEUMS IN ISTANBUL – City break to Istanbul
HOTELS IN ISTANBUL – City break to Istanbul

During your Istanbul city break you will find that it is a city of many faces and the city’s jumbled skyline is a showcase of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. It is also among a most wonderful metropolis in the world which has a unique link between East and West, past and present. It is also an exotic and mysterious city whose long and rich history left many places to visit. During your Istanbul city break you can enjoy a great mosques, fascinating museums, unique bazaars and many many more, there is so much to explore in Istanbul.

Popular Sights in Istanbul - City break Istanbul

Sultan Ahmet Mosque - Istanbul city break

During you Istanbul city break you can visit many sights because it is an exciting city which is home to interesting sights. Among them, Sultan Ahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque is a must see attraction during Istanbul city break. It is one of the world’s great religious structures which made by an incredible 20,000 blue Iznik tiles and 260 stained glass windows and has grand exterior & interior.

Bosphorus Bridge - Istanbul city break

Bosphrous Bridge is also a very popular sight in Istanbul and can be seen while enjoying Istanbul city break. It is an iconic 1,510-meter long suspension bridge that located between Ortakoy (on the European side) and Beylerbeyi (on the Asian side). The clearance of the bridge from sea level is 64 m (210 ft). It was completed in 1973 and that time it was the 4th longest suspension bridge span in the world and nowadays it is 16th longest bridge in the world.

Topkapi Palace - Istanbul city break

Topkapi Palace is one of the highlights of Turkey. It is a marvelous and must see palace in Istanbul, and from 1465 to 1856 it was the official and primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years. It is also oldest and the largest of the remaining palaces in the world where visitors, who enjoying Istanbul city break can find many books written about the life of Ottoman Sultans. The palace complex covers an area of 700,000 sq m and it is surrounded by five kilometers of walls.

Famous museums in Istanbul - City break Istanbul

Turkish and Islamic Art Museum - Istanbul city break

If you are art lover, then Istanbul is an ideal destination for you, as the city boast many art museums and attractions. The Turkish and Islamic Art museum is most beautiful art museum in Istanbul, contains finest collection of Islamic artifacts in the world and features ceramics, calligraphy, textiles, metalwork, and Turkey’s famous carpets. While enjoying Istanbul city break you will find that, during 16th century the museum was the beautiful palace of the Sultan’s Grand Vizier and Ibrahim Pasa.

Fine Arts Museum - Istanbul city break

During Istanful city break, fine arts museum is another interesting and must see museum. In 1937, it was opened in the crown prince suites of Dolmabahce Palace. It was first art museum in Turkey where you can visit a Turkish plastic arts, works of world famous artists and military painters also.

Some good hotels in Istanbul - City break Istanbul

Hotel Olimpiyat - Istanbul city break

Hotel Olimpiyat is an elegant hotel which provides excellent services, well equipped rooms with modern facilities, a magnificent restaurant and a lovely terrace, which attract tourist to enjoy Istanbul city break by staying in hotel Olimpiyat. It is a three star hotel which is situated in the heart of city and stones throw away from the Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar.

Hotel Eresin Taxim - Istanbul city break

Hotel Eresin Taxim is another interesting hotel which provides excellent accommodation for visitors who enjoying Istanbul city break. This is a four star hotel in Istanbul which was fully refurbished in 2006 has an ideal hotel for travellers as well as holidaymakers. It is situated in the business and shopping district and near to the historical sights including St. Irene, Hagia Sophia Museum, Dolmabahce palace and Topkapi place.


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