Enjoy a wonderful city break in Florence, Italy!

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Florence is an enchanting and special city of Italy which is rising from the beautiful landscape of Tuscany and lies on the River Arno. Florence city break is an ideal option to enjoy because it is a most beautiful Italian city which offers sunshine, unique Italian hospitality, stunning architecture, incredible artwork and fascinating museums. During a longer Florence city break you can visit many picturesque streets, beautiful buildings that house some of the world’s most treasured pieces of art and history and enjoy the mouth-watering and very tempting Tuscan cuisine. The historic centre of the city is also attracts millions of tourists each year to enjoy Florence city breaks and declared as a World Heritage Sites. Florence city break also offers many magnificent Duomo cathedral with its amazing museum, Apennines which is home to some of the best artworks in the world, cobbled streets, stylish piazzas, Piazza della Signoria which is home to the main town hall of Florence and situated inside the magnificent Palazzo Vecchio. Florence city break with bookyourhotel.org will give you all information about the city, its architecture, attractions, museums, nightlife and hotels where you can stay and enjoy.

GALLERIES IN FLORENCE- Florence city break
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Famous sights in Florence - City break Florence

The Duomo - Florence city break

Florence is a city which has vast majority of attractions, those can explore by tourist while enjoying Florence city break. Among them the Duomo is a very popular and must see attraction in Florence. This is a beautiful cathedral which is home to one of the greatest architectural delights. It is a pink, white and green marble facade cathedral which is the fourth largest cathedral in the world. From the top of this cathedral you can also enjoy the best views of Florence.

Enzo Pazzagli Art Park - Florence city break

During Florence city break you should also visit E Pazzagli Art Park, because without visiting it your trip to Florence will be incomplete. It is a spectacular park which is encircles by hills, Medici villas and castles. Here you can visit more than 200 priceless works of art, chance to sponsor the Cyprus tree and enjoy the marvelous sound of the near by running Arno river.

Piazza della Signoria - Florence city break

Piazza della Signoria is another popular attraction in Florence which can be can be described as the heart of Florence and you must visit during Florence city break. It is the traditional seat of the Florentine government and it was built between 1299 and 1314. This political hub of the city is a focal point of the origin and of the history of the Florentine Republic. It is a L-shaped square which is situated in front of the Palazzo Vecchio.

Galleries in Florence - City break Florence

Galleria degli Uffizi - Florence city break

Galleria degli Uffizi is an interesting gallery in Florence for those who have keen in Renaissance art lover. It is a gallery which has 45 large rooms and largest collection of Renaissance painting in the world. You should visit this gallery while enjoying Florence city break because it is the most popular museum in Florence.

Accademia Gallery - Florence city break

Florence city break will not be complete until you visit Accademia Gallery, which is the most beautiful gallery in Florence. It is mostly visited by those visitors who want to see Michelangelo’s David and the museum also has world most famous sculpture and a collection of Gothic and Renaissance paintings that were once in the Medici collections.

Accommodation in Florence - City break Florence

Hotel Diana Park - Florence city break

Choose to stay in Hotel Diana Park to enjoy Florence city break because it is an elegant, well decorated and cheap hotel in Florence. From here tourist can also ask for the reservation of the main museums and tour of Florence. It is situated in beautiful building which is very close to the main attractions, monuments and museums of the city.

Hotel Rafaello - Florence city break

Florence city break can also be enjoyed by staying in a Hotel Rafaello , which is another beautiful and budget hotel in Florence. It is a special hotel which provides 140 well decorated rooms with all modern amenities, a restaurant La Fornarina which offers traditional Italian cuisine and an American bar. It is situated cultural and shopping area in Florence and stones throw away from the Fortezza da Basso exhibition centre and from the congress palace.


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