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Plan a city break Lisbon because it is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most popular cities and an ideal destination for a city breaks. Lisbon is bursting with history and architecture and situated on seven hills along the River Tagus. It is a capital and largest city of Portugal, which is the sixth most visited city in Southern Europe. Every year thousands of tourist come to enjoy city break Lisbon because it is a truly fascinating city to visit which provide ample opportunity for shopping and for enjoying a rich nightlife all year round. It is a city which is also renowned for its, palaces, marvelous churches and an impressive castle which mirror the city’s rich cultural heritage. While enjoying city break Lisbon you will find that it is a city which has cobble-stoned pavements, narrow streets full of Art Nouveau cafes and offers different types of things to do and see for different types of tourist.

City break Lisbon provide stylish attractions, lots of intriguing history, fantastic museums, vibrant nightlife and a perfect Mediterranean style climate year round. Because of its colorful winding cobbled lanes those are filled with ancient chapels and restored mansion houses, the city is known as the upper city. During city break Lisbon you can visit many sights and bridges in Lisbon, but among them the Vasco de Gama Bridge is a main bridge to visit, because it is the longest bridge in Europe which is named after one of Portugals most famous sons. To enjoy city breaks Lisbon you can also enjoy a panoramic Lisbon views from the Alfama district and have long lunches by the Tagus River in Lisbon’s modern Nations Park.

Top Attractions in Lisbon - city break Lisbon

Belem Tower - city break Lisbon

Lisbon features many historic districts each with their own distinct character and atmosphere, those can be visited during your city break Lisbon. Torre De Belem (Tower of Belem) should be your first attraction to visit during your city break Lisbon because it is a most beautiful attraction in Lisbon which was built in 1515 and the tower has a famous 18th-century statue of Virgin and Child, and sentry posts on each corner. It is also included as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Visit this attraction and enjoy its Manuelin exterior, the Moorish-style domes and a drawbridge that leads to a terrace which provide a superb views across the river.

Castelo De Sao Jorge - city break Lisbon

Castelo De Sao Jorge or Castle of St George is one of the main historical and touristic attractions in Lisbon which provides magnificent views of Lisbon from millennium old walls. You must visit it while enjoying city break Lisbon because this castle was steeped in history and its oldest parts date from the 6th century. It is situated on the top to seven of Lisbon’s seven hills and until the 15th century it was the royal residence.

Saint Anthony’s Church - city break Lisbon

Saint Anthony’s Church is another main attraction during your city break Lisbon. It was named after Santo Antonio who revered as a protector of young brides, matchmaker and patron of the lost and found. Inside the church you can visit saint with Christ in his arms and the sacristy is faced with 18th century tiles. The church is designed in Baroque style with Neoclassical Ionic columns and to decorate it the gold and silverware also used.

Ajuda Botanical Garden - city break Lisbon

It is the first botanical garden in Portugal and has one of the largest collections of subtropical vegetation in Europe. Visiting this Ajuda Botanical Garden will make your city break Lisbon memorable because it is a spectacular garden in Lisbon which has around 5000 species of plants, beautiful statues, an elegant Baroque fountain which is decorated with serpents, fish, sea horses, and mythical creatures.

Oceanarium - city break Lisbon

City Break Lisbon will not complete without visiting the Oceanarium in Lisbon which is a Europe’s largest Ocenarium and after Osaka Aquarium in Japan it is the second largest in the world. It is an attraction which is rises from the river and is reached by a footbridge. During your city break Lisbon, to enjoy an enchanting experience and see 16,000 animals and plants representing over 450 different species you must visit the Oceanarium in Lisbon.

Popular Museums in Lisbon - city break Lisbon

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum - city break Lisbon

Visit Calouste Gulbenkian Museum during your city break Lisbon and emerged yourself in the eclectic collection of ancient and modern art. This one of Europe’s unsung treasures and among the world’s great museums is located close to the Eduardo VII Park. The museum’s permanent exhibition includes more than 1,000 pieces and it can’t be missed during your city break Lisbon.

The City Museum - city break Lisbon

If you are interested to know Lisbon’s long history through prehistoric, Roman, Moorish and medieval remains and want to see the pre-earthquake Lisbon, maps and prints, then you should visit the city museum during your city break Lisbon which is situated in the Pimenta Palace of the 18th century and admission to the museum is free and provide easy access from public transport.

Some good hotels in Lisbon - city break Lisbon

Hotel Corinthia Lisboa - city break Lisbon

Hotel Corinthia Lisboa provide a full comforts to its guest who staying in this hotel in Lisbon and enjoying city break Lisbon. It is a stylish hotel in the center of the city and provides spectacular views that overlook the 18th century Aqueduct and Monsanto Nature Park. It offers stylish rooms, 2 restaurants and have close proximity to public transport. It is a striking hotel because of its elegance and convenience. Read more

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Hotel Principe Real - city break Lisbon

Hotel Principe Real is an ideal hotel for your city break Lisbon because it is situated in the center of the city and stones throw away from the botanical gardens, shopping and entertainment areas. It offers and 8 spacious rooms with modern amenities and the hotel is perfect spot for business and leisure travelers because of its location and services. Read more

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