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Florence is Italy’s finest and most historic city, almost untouched by modern life. Florence is the place where art, love and food are celebrated with a passion. Florence is the capital of Tuscany and is at the heart of beautiful countryside famed for its traditions and cuisines. Weekend breaks in Florence will introduce you to a beautiful city famed for its medieval streets, beautiful squares, mighty palaces, stately mansions and astonishing churches. There are few cheap hotels located in the centre of Florence. Few Florence weekend breaks visitors are left unmoved by the essential sights: the magnificent Duomo cathedral with its amazing museum, the medieval Ponte Vecchio across the River Arno, the extraordinary Giardino di Boboli gardens, countless spectacular churches stuffed with Renaissance art treasures, and Michelangelo’s unforgettable David. Aside from art , this city also offers lively markets, classy shopping, excellent restaurants and authentic Italian nightlife.

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Art lovers will find Florence weekend breaks almost overwhelming, such is the extraordinary wealth of paintings and sculpture spread throughout the city in dozens of museums, galleries and churches. Cheap hotels in Florence offers the comfortable stay in the city. Keeping in mind the budget many tourists like to stay in cheap hotels in Florence. Florence short breaks are an amazing experience for anyone with even a passing interest in art. World-famous Florence galleries and museums like the Uffizi, the Palatina, the Bargello, the Duomo Museum and the Academia, make Florence city breaks an unforgettable experience. With the vast majority of its attractions inside rather than outside, Florence city breaks are rewarding at any time of year.

Some very nice cheap hotels in Florence

Hotel Meridiana - Cheap hotels in Florence

Hotel Meridiana is one of the best cheap hotel in Florence. It offers comfort at its best. It was completely refurbished in 2003. It is close to the Liberated square. This hotel is well equipped by all the best facilities. Many of the tourists prefer to stay in this cheap hotel in Florence.

Cellai Boutique Hotel - Cheap hotels in Florence

Cellai Boutique Hotel is located in the center of Florence. It is a romantic hotel in the city. All the 55 rooms of this hotel are well equipped with all the modern amenities. This hotel also offers a lounge bar which is located on the roof of this hotel. Enjoy your pleasurable stay in this hotel with your beloved.

Hotel Palazzo Vecchio - Cheap hotels in Florence

Hotel Palazzo Vecchio is a charming and stylish hotel. It is well located in Florence. This hotel is preferred for a leisure stay in the city. As this hotel is located in the heart of the city, its easy for tourists to get to the other areas. It is a fully equipped hotel with all the latest facilities.

Hotel Pendini - Cheap hotels in Florence

Hotel Pendini is a charming hotel in the city. It is a comfortable hotel in the city. It is located between the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery. It has been serving from the last 120 years, on a fantastic location for visiting the town. This is one of the best cheap hotel in Florence.

Hotel Castri - Cheap hotels in Florence

Hotel Castri is a stylish hotel in the city. It is located close to many of the best attractions in the city like most typical squares of Florence, a short walk from the Duomo and the Congress Centre. Enjoy your pleasant stay in this hotel. It is one of the best cheap hotel in Florence which offers the best services.


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