Shopping in Bruges

Shopping in Bruges: shop ’til you drop!

shopping in brugesin Bruges is a true shopper’s paradise for shopping lovers of every kind. Shopping in Bruges means shopping in a unique city with a broad range of interesting shops adapted to everyone’s needs and budget. Shopping in Bruges is a pleasure all year round, during the sales periods or during the super-cosy Christmas in Bruges period when the whole city is magically lit.

Shopping in Bruges > Plenty of choice

Which places are good for shopping in Bruges? Where are the most interestings shops? What are the main shopping streets in Bruges? There are some areas, streets, squares and neighbourhoods in Bruges that stand out in terms of shopping, others that are of lesser importance. The historic heart of Bruges forms the backdrop for a unique experience of shopping in Bruges.

Shopping in Bruges > Best shopping areas

shopping in brugesThe main shopping streets in Bruges is situated between the Market and the old city gates. We are talking about Steenstraat, Simon Stevinplein, Zuidzandstraat, Geldmunstraat, Noordzandstraat, Smedenstraat, Mariastraat, St.-Jakobsstraat, Academiestraat, St.-Amandsstraat, Vlamingstraat, Philipstockstraat, Hoogstraat, Langestraat, Gentpoortstraat, Katelijnestraat. Between the Noordzandstraat and the Zuidzandstraat lies the cosy shopping centre (mall) ‘t Zilverpand. Click on the map for a clearer view of the best places for shopping in Bruges.

Shopping in Bruges > Practical

• Most shops in Bruges are open from 09am – 06pm. For those who later want to shop in Bruges, a few shops on Friday after 18h keeps its doors open.
• The bigger supermarkets are located just outside the city centre and are open from 9am – 8pm (Fridays ’til 9pm).
• For an overview of places for shopping in Bruges, click here of here.

Shopping in Bruges > Markets

Wednesday (8am – 01pm) on the Markt (food)
Saturday (8am – 01pm) on the Zand and on the ‘Beursplein) (food + non-food)
Sunday (8am – 01pm) Ten Briele (food + non-food).
Fish Market (fresh fish): Tuesday until Saturday, every morning.
Flee Market along the ‘Dijver’ + on the Fish Market: Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm, (15 March – 15 November). Also on holidays.
Bruges Christmas Markets: Saturday 19 November 2011 until Monday 2 januari 2012, Saturday 19 November 2011 until Monday 2 January 2012, from 11am – 7pm.

Shopping in Bruges > Chocolate stores

There are more than just a few places in Bruges where you can score a taste of the greatest chocolate in the world. Shopping in Bruges without going to one of the extremely attractive chocolate stores would be a serious blunder.

Shopping in Bruges > Clothing shops

You want to go shopping in Bruges for clothes? Well, good idea: practically all major brands are represented in the two main shopping streets in Bruges (Steenstraat-Zuidzandstraat and Geldmuntstraat-Noordzandstraat). From ready-to-wear outlets like Zara or H&M to luxurious and very expensive boutique shops, during shopping in Bruges you encounter them all.

Shopping in Bruges > Art, souvenir & food shops

Since Bruges is so full of tourists, it makes since it has such a wide range of art and souvenir shops. All over town, you’ll find bigger and smaller shops where you can buy anything from valuable paintings or sculptures to low-quality souvenir trivia.

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