Parking in Bruges

Parking in Bruges: Where can I  park my car in Bruges?

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You’re going on a city break to Bruges and are desperate to know where you can park your car? You heard parking in Bruges is virtually impossible? You would like to know the easiest and/or cheapest places to get rid of your car for the day? Only one good answer to these questions because there’s only one place for parking in Bruges which we would recommend: the big parking lot at the train station (see below).

Parking in Bruges at the Train Station

By far the best way to park your car in Bruges. Parking in Bruges in the centre could come very handy if you go for shopping in Bruges and are carrying lots of stuff. But apart from that, you should try to park your car here! Strongly recommended for everyone who wants to get rid of his car and not worry about it during their weekend in Bruges or day trip to Bruges.

Parking in Bruges at the Train Station: Practical info

WHAT: 1500 parking spaces, very close to the city centre (500m) so you can go by foot as well, a nice walk through the King Albert Park.
WHEN: Open 24/7
PRICE: Only € 2.50 per day, considerably cheaper than the metered parking in Bruges spaces and other ring road parking lots. Parking ticket comes with a free bus ticket to the city centre.

Parking in Bruges in the centre of Bruges

We don’t recommend parking in Bruges in the city centre, because the streets are quite narrow there and there aren’t many parking possibilities in the historical heart of Bruges. Nevertheless some information on parking in Bruges in the centre. Need a map on parking in Bruges? Click here. The city centre is split up into three parking zones:

Zone 1 (Blue) – In this area, parking restrictions apply from 09am to 07pm from Monday to Saturday. Parking in Bruges you can do here for a maximum of 4 hours, on display of a valid European parking disc behind the windshield. Caution: These parking in Bruges spaces go by meter and can end up to be very expensive!
Zone 2 (Yellow) – All car parking in Bruges spaces here are metered as well.
Zone 3 (Red) -All car parking in Bruges spaces here are metered as well.

Parking in Bruges near the ring road

Bruges has a number of parking spaces around the Bruges ring road. Parking in Bruges in one of these car parks is much more cost effective, far less stressful, and sometimes offers you complimentary bus tickets (for all car passengers) to the centre of Bruges, which is very practical. The maximum price for car parking in Bruges in one of these parking lots is € 8.50 per day per car.

Other info than parking in Bruges:

What to do after you have parked your car?
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