Attractions in Bruges

What are the best attractions in Bruges?

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What are the must-do’s and must-see’s in Bruges? Where are the main attractions in Bruges? How much do the attractions in Bruges cost? When can I enjoy those attractions in Bruges? Find out everything and more on the following pages:

Ballooning Bruges
Boat ride to Damme
City Hall of Bruges
Guided Tours in Bruges
Cycling in Bruges
Belfry of Bruges
Boats on the Bruges canals
Hotels in Bruges
Events in Bruges
Restaurants in Bruges
Museums in Bruges
Christmas in Bruges
Map of Bruges
Parking in Bruges
Shopping in Bruges
Trains to Bruges
Weekend in Bruges
Weather in Bruges

Exploring the many attractions in Bruges

Although it’s virtually impossible to give you an overview of all the interesting attractions in Bruges but we’ll give it a try. Bruges is a wonderful, stunningly beautiful medieval city in Flanders, one of the most enchanting cities in the world! Most of the attractions in Bruges are located in the historical centre. Almost behind every corner you will stumble upon something of great historical and/or cultural value and pure beauty.

Some great examples of attractions in Bruges are: a boat trip on the romantic Bruges canals, a trip by boat from Bruges to Damme through amazing countryside, explore Bruges by horse carriage, go for an afternoon of cycling in Bruges, etc.. You could also join on of the guided walks in Bruges to discover the most important attractions in Bruges. You will immediately see that although the city is relatively small, there are enough attractions in Bruges to fill up an entire weekend or more!

Attractions in Bruges: video

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City break BrugesRestaurants in BrugesEvents in BrugesShopping in BrugesMuseums in BrugesChristmas in BrugesWeather in BrugesParking in BrugesMap of BrugesNightlife in BrugesTrains to Bruges

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