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Citytrip in Ghent Promotions

Hotels in Ghent

Ghent is one of the most beautiful historical cities of Europe. In this cultural city there is always a lot to do during the weekend.

Every october, there is the International Filmfestival in Ghent and in november Ghent is the host of the famous 'six-day bycicle race'.

Book your hotel in Ghent here without any reservation costs. Each of these hotels have been selected by us and are situated on excellent locations in the city centre of Ghent.


Touristic information

Hotels in Ghent

Ghent is an authentic and flourishing city in the heart of the Flanders region. Strolling through Ghent is like time travelling. Ghent is a unique mixture of historical architecture and contemporary events, museums with international grandeur, perfect accomodation and a sparkling night life: all good reasons to come and explore Ghent. The city has been officially proclaimed third most authentic city of the world and cosiest city of Flanders. It also received three Michelin stars for its magical lighting. If you do not spend the night in Ghent, you have not been there at all! Come and explore the city in one of the many hotels in Ghent. From big international hotels to small family hotels, Ghent has things to offer for everyone.

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